OSIsoft’s Microsoft Solution Accelerators On vCampus

A popular topic during my customer visits is about improving manufacturing operations.  Many of you in the chemical industry have investments in both Microsoft and OSIsoft.  The conversation immediately goes to how we are working together to help customers make game changing improvements. 

Microsoft and OSIsoft have complimentary expertise.  Ours is building the core technology platform, and helping you connect your people to data, processes and other people.  OSIsoft’s expertise is in enterprise infrastructure – specifically, managing time series data and events.

A Microsoft colleague recently wrote an article about this topic for our chemical website.  You can read it here.

The article is an envisioning document.  If you agree with the vision, where do you go next?

One route is to visit OSIsoft’s vCampus.  vCampus is a subscription-based offering providing “everything you need” to build applications on the PI System.  This offering includes accelerators, called Dynamic Office Business Application Accelerators.  Dynamic OBA accelerators are a series of guidelines to help make it easier for you to create solutions that help you improve manufacturing performance using Microsoft and OSIsoft technologies.

At first glance, the accelerators look technology-focused:  surfacing PI data in SharePoint through the Business Data Catalog, and including PI data in your SharePoint search results are a couple of examples.

It’s what you do with this integration that makes it interesting.  We are seeing scenarios like energy management, predictive analytics, and performance management emerge from this combination.  If you’ve seen an OSIsoft presentation as of late, they dive into these scenarios in detail.

I’m planning a deeper post on these accelerators with the help of an OSIsoft colleague.  In the meantime, take a look for yourself.  If you are not a vCampus subscriber, you can only see the preview page for the accelerators.  If you are a subscriber, you can access the full detail.


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