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As a follow up to my post about saving money with Unified Communications, I stumbled across a site we created that shares the power of unified communications with one of our LifeCams.  It showcases three usage scenarios:  on the road, keep it green, and face-to-face.

If you want a good visual of our unified communications strategy, check it out…takes 3 minutes…


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  1. dserpico says:

    Does anyone have examples of using Unified Communications to solve problems in the field?  For example, the company I work at has a team of global experts in our manufacturing process.  Today, when they are called on to solve a problem their only real option is to get on a plane and visit the plant, which may be half way around the world.  What we would like to be able to do is send an operator out to the field with a camera and send the live image back to the “expert” so they can help troubleshoot a problem from where ever they happen to be.

  2. eherrera says:

    Most of the typical scenarios I have seen are driven from exceptions in data collected triggering notifications sent to a central support activity (Condition-Based Monitoring). Then having the manufacturing experts centrally review the data (no travel). There is nothing to say that some of the supporting information can’t be images or video. Here is where UC would come into play. The key is to provide the remote support as much info as possible and make it easy to get to. It also has to be easy enough for your onsite teams to use.

    You can justify the technology investments by demostrating the drastic reduction in MTTR (Mean-Time To Repair)

    This approach also can make the solutioning more proactive rather than reactive. Increasing uptime makes everyone happy.

    What type of data do your travelling experts review when they get onsite?

  3. MSDN Archive says:

    dserpico – thanks for the comment.  Sorry it took me a couple days to respond.  I haven’t been online.  Are you thinking about live video, or snapshots?  I’ll assume both.

    eherrera brings up some great points, but let me check with some people (customers and MSFT) to see what’s been done.  If nothing, maybe you can blaze some new trails.  The financial motivation and response time motivation is there.


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