Final thoughts on ChemITC 2008 Spring Cyber Security Meeting

It was a great few days at the ChemITC spring meeting on Cyber Security.  Not the least of which was enjoying cuban food and great company on Thursday night in South Beach.  Thanks again to Dow Corning for jointly presenting their journey with us.  It was a great presentation.

A funny thing happened on Thursday.  We all received voice mails from the hotel that we would be in virtual lock-down in the hotel in the evening because of the Mercedes-Benz Miami corporate run.  We made it out in time, and avoided the blocked roads and 20,000+ runners.  Check out the story...they have a good gallery of pictures.

I am currently sitting in a hotel in Orlando getting ready for a ChemWeek CIO roundtable tonight.  There are a number of good topics and some really good participants.  It should be a good evening.

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