More information on Siemens Teamcenter Express integration with Microsoft Office

A colleague of mine, Todd Meadows, sent me a link to this newsletter which provides more details on the integration between Siemens PLM Software, Teamcenter Express and Microsoft Office applications.  Having this level of integration will make Teamcenter Express even more accessible to users in the small and medium business market.

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  1. drchadwi says:

    Thanks for posting this link on your blog. We (Siemens PLM Software) are excited about this new integration between our cPDM solution for SMBs (Teamcenter Express) and Microsoft OBA – specifically Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook 2007.

    Traditionally users of PDM solutions would use a dedicated PDM application to navigate to MS Office documents to add their to their PDM database – or have a very basic plug in. With this new integration we add a "Teamcenter Task Pane" and a toolbar to MS Word and Excel so users can search and browse their PDM database direct from these applications. For MS Outlook we have integrated our Teamcenter Workflow tasks into the Tasks List in Outlook.

    Dave Chadwick

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