New Recipe and Formula Management Partner – Selerant – Running on SQL Server

Good news on the collaborative product development and recipe and formula management front:  Selerant has just released their DevEx product to run on SQL Server.  While they have used .NET for building their application for a long time, they have converted their database over to SQL Server.  I've talked to a couple of different customers just recently who were waiting for this to happen so they could adopt and use SQL Server for this implementation.

Selerant expects greater adoption of the product given the choice of SQL Server.  It is a very economical solution for customers to implement and run.  This also allows them to target the mid-size and smaller chemical companies who many times need the same functionality, but don't have the resources to support a complex IT environment.  Running their application on SQL Server gives them the easy-to-use alternative.

Check out the case study.

Brian Willson

Chemical Team

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