Using ISearchQueryHelper from managed code

ISearchQueryHelper is a COM interface that can be used to convert from Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) to a SQL query that can be passed to the OLE DB Provider for Windows Search. (For background, see my previous post: Advanced Query Syntax: What, Where, Why, and How) Good news for managed code developers – there’s a…


Advanced Query Syntax: What, Where, Why, and How

What is Advanced Query Syntax and where is it used? Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) is a syntax that enables end-users to define targeted search queries, and is supported in a number of Microsoft products (for example: Windows Vista, Outlook 2007, and Windows Desktop Search).  Here is an example of a search query defined using AQS that…


Quick Tip: Manifests AND VC++ Projects

In a recent post, I listed a number of methods for embedding manifests in managed assemblies. As I mention in that post, my preferred option is to call the mt.exe tool during a custom post-build step. But I recently found that this doesn’t work so well for VC++ projects, as it overwrites the manifest that may have…


Windows Vista Search: Syntax Update

I recently learned some new things about the Search APIs in Windows Vista, including some great improvements in the SQL syntax for the OLE DB Provider for Windows Search. (Thank you Chris McConnell – Architect on the Search team – for driving these changes, and for taking the time to explain them to me!). There’ve been…


Off to Barcelona for TechEd!

I’m leaving tomorrow for Spain, where I’ll be presenting a couple of sessions next week at TechEd Europe in Barcelona.  Yes I know, TechEd doesn’t start until Monday (for the pre-conference activities), but this way I can spend the weekend in Madrid with my family. (You probably wouldn’t guess from my name that I’m half Spanish. :-)….


Get the inside scoop on the Vista Bridge Samples

I’m thrilled to report that Jeff Chrisope has finally resumed blogging! Jeff is leading the development efforts for the Vista Bridge samples.  What are the Vista Bridge samples? The Vista Bridge samples are a set of samples that ship with the Windows SDK. These samples illustrate techniques for interoping with Windows Vista native APIs, and for designing…


Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Released

Windows Desktop Search (WDS) 3.0 has been released to the web. You can download it from one of the following links (depending on your OS version): Windows Desktop Search 3.0 RTW for Windows XP (KB917013) Windows Desktop Search 3.0 RTW for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB917013) Windows Desktop Search 3.0 RTW for Windows Server 2003…


UAC Distilled

As I mentioned in an earlier post (New UAC Whitepaper Released), the UAC team recently published a very detailed whitepaper that covers everything you could every want or need to know about UAC from a developer perspective. I typically begin all my Windows Vista presentations with a discussion of User Account Control (UAC), and I thought I’d share my condensed…


EMEA Windows Vista Readiness Tour Content

I recently participated in the first three stops of an EMEA Windows Vista and IE7 Readiness tour, specifically, I presented at events in Cairo, Madrid, and Copenhagen.  I then presented a somewhat extended version of the content at an ISV briefing in Reading, UK. It was a truly awesome experience – big thanks to everyone who attended! (And apologies…


New UAC whitepaper released

The UAC team just released a new whitepaper last week, with their latest guidance for developers on how to design UAC-compliant applications. Windows Vista Application Development Requirements for User Account Control Compatibility 91 pages packed full of information!