TechEd EMEA 2008 Developers – Introducing the Windows Embedded track

  This year, we’re introducing a new track for embedded development technologies at TechEd EMEA. As owner of this track, I want to share some details about the track content, along with the thinking behind it. Windows Embedded Track Overview Finding the right balance between introductory and more advanced content can be a challenge. Given…


.NET Micro Framework on Channel9

On my last trip to Redmond a couple of months ago, I sat down with the some folks from the .NET Micro Framework. We discussed some of the what, where, why and how’s, saw some development kits, and got a peak at what’s coming in the 3.0 release. And it’s all recorded on Channel 9,…

From Live to Embedded and from Redmond to Madrid

A lot of big changes have taken place in my "world" over the past 6 months, and I’m using this post to formally kick-off a new chapter in my life (and in this blog). From Live to Embedded. Once again, I’ve taken on a new focus. I’m working on an initiative around "distributed embedded systems"….