Automating the Timeline Shapes: Part 2

My good buddy Bill (no, not G) ran into an oddity when trying to automate the timeline shape. After you drop a timeline master to the page and set the begin-and-end dates, the time scale markers do not get updated. The labels for the begin-and-end dates are updated correctly. When you drop a milestone marker…


Automating the Timeline Shapes: How many inches are in November?

Like many of the out-of-the-box shapes in Microsoft Office Visio 2003, the Timeline shapes are quite snazzy. No wonder people like to use the “Import Timeline Data…” feature (under the Timeline menu) to display major milestones from a Microsoft Project plan file. “But what about Project Server data,” you might ask? Well, leave it to…


Custom Property Quirk in SaveAsWeb

One of our keen partners from the UK pointed out a slight quirk with the SaveAsWeb feature. Suppose you have a shape with a numeric custom property. If you give 0 as the value and save the drawing as a web page, the custom property pane in the browser displays a blank value. If you specify…


IOleCommandTarget Issues

I know many of you have run into some issues when using the Visio ActiveX control’s IOleCommandTarget interface. This interface is used to invoke Visio menu functionaility from your own .NET winform menu items. Mark talks a little bit about it in his excellent article. I’ve talked to some of you personally already about IOleCommandTarget….


“Calling” COM add-ins from the ShapeSheet

Many developers are used to calling VSL or EXE add-ons from ShapeSheet cells. Many of us, however, have fallen in love with C# and VB.NET. VSL’s are primarily written using VC++. You can write EXE add-ons in managed code, but you want a solution that runs in-process. So what’s a Visio developer gotta do? The answer is…


Attention all Visio Solution Developers!!!!

You know, I absolutely love Visio and think that it’s a killer app for modeling the real world and getting your point across with cool shapes. I’m sure that a lot of you solution developers feel the same way– I’m always so amazed by the ingenuity and creativity you all show in your custom Visio solutions….