SP2013-SQL2012 – Database Performance Metric Provider Timer job – Using ‘dbghelp.dll’ version ‘4.0.5’

Some who install SharePoint 2013 and use SQL 2012 on the backend are seeing this error logged every few seconds in the SQL error logs:   Database Performance Metric Provider Timer job  - Using 'dbghelp.dll' version '4.0.5'


As of August 1st, 2013, the best judgment about this that I've heard from good sources is:

“This is actually not technically a bug in SharePoint but a feature in SharePoint 2013 which currently is not available in SQL 2012.   To avoid the errors the only alternative is to disable the Database Performance Metric Provider Timer job until this functionality is available in future SQL releases/updates.”

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  1. This error has been addressed with the Cumulative Update #6 for SQL Server 2012 SP1.  I installed the CU in my test environment and it no longer floods the logs.

  2. Excellent!  Thanks, Wes!

  3. TSO says:

    Hi, on my DB SQL 2008 R2 with SP 2013 the same log flooding happens. spid220 Using 'dbghelp.dll' version '4.0.5'

    Thanks for the hint with the disable/reduce frequency of the Job. helps me for now

    But looking forward to a CU for SQL 2008 R2. !

  4. albandrod says:

    Great! I will try it in my environment!

  5. Here is the official KB article:

    "FIX: "Using 'dbghelp.dll' version '4.0.5'" error is logged in SQL Server 2012 when a statement or job executes the sys.fn_xe_file_target_read_file stored procedure"


  6. TSO says:

    Cumulative Update 12 for SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 should fix this.

  7. LesIsMore says:

    I'm using SQL 2014 and I'm getting the error in SharePoint that led me to this page (social.technet.microsoft.com/…/what-is-the-performance-metric-provider-timer-job).

    The SQL server is at SP1.

    Any help?

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