One reason for slow performance in SharePoint (authPersistNonNTLM)

  When discussing possible causes for sluggish performance in SharePoint farms, there is one provocative KB article that has helped many people out:  954873   – You may experience slow performance when you use Integrated Windows authentication together with the Kerberos authentication protocol in IIS 7.0 The idea there, in short, is that when an IIS setting named AuthPersistNonNTLM is…


System.InvalidOperationException – Cannot start the service SPAdmin on computer

 While creating a new SharePoint 2007 SP3 farm with one of my customers, both WFE servers and the App server complained of failures during the running of the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard. The first error, which all three of the SP servers complained about, seems to have been caused by an inability to…


Two IIS_IUSRs Related Problems caused by Group Policy Overrides

Today I troubleshot an error that bubbled up in PerformancePoint Service’s Dashboard Designer while attempting (and failing) to create a data connection. The first visible error was:   Dashboard Designer “An unexpected system error has occurred. Additional details have been logged for your administrator”.   Error #2 was from the event log: EventID 4 Error52068….


Command line error caused by copy and paste

It’s one of those moments that messes with your sanity.  You need to run an stsadm command that is sufficiently complicated that you’re tempted to copy and paste rather than to type just so that you can be sure not to fat finger it.   You paste the command into the command window, run it, and…


SP2010 – Central Admin – "An Unexpected Error Has Occurred" (handle is invalid)

Problem Summary: SharePoint Administrators lost the ability to browse successfully to Central Admin on a  SharePoint 2010 server Errors: 1) In the browser:  An Unexpected Error Occurred 2) In the ULS Log:   w3wp.exe  0x15EC  SharePoint Foundation  Runtime  Unexpected       System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: The handle is invalid. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070006 (E_HANDLE))             2fce79ff-3aed-440c-b4f7-78fa5d7a10d5 3) Process Monitor:   “BAD IMPERSONATION” Root Cause Application of…