Change SharePoint 2010 Office Web Apps Physical Cache Location

Office Web Apps caches the rendered office documents to the server physical local drives before propragating them to the site collection cache.  Office Web Apps will write the cached files to the system temp directory. The default system temp location is C:\Windows\Temp.   If your C:\drive is small or you wish to move the cache location, you can try the procedures below.  Please note that the procedures below will change the system temp directory.  Careful considerations should be made prior to executing the procedures.  Please also note that these procedures were tested in only one environment and I cannot guarantee that they will work in all environments.

    1. In SharePoint Central Administration, delete the instances of Word Viewing Service and PowerPoint Service Applications in the Manage Service Applications page.
    2. In SharePoint Central Administration, stop Word Viewing Service and PowerPoint Servie Application in Manage Servies on Server page.
    3. Browse to [Your Web Application root url]/sites/Office_Viewing_Service_Cache. Delete all files from the "cache" document library. Repeat this step for all your web applications.
    4. Log into the server.  Delete everything under C:\Windows\Temp\powerpointcache and C:\Windows\Temp\waccache
    5. Create the new Windows temp directory.  E.g., D:\Windows\Temp.
    6. Replicate all permission settings from the old Temp directory to the new Temp directory.
    7. Change the TEMP and TMP system environment variables to the new Temp directory (right click on Computer --> Properties --> Advanced system settings --> Environment Variables)
    8. Restart the OWA server
    9. In SharePoint Central Administration, start Word Viewing Service and PowerPoint Servie Application in Manage Servies on Server page
    10. In SharePoint Central Administration, provision new instances of Word Viewing Service and PowerPoint Service.
    11. Although my SharePoint farm was not running on a domain controller I had to run the following commands in SP2010 Management Shell to run OWA in non-sandboxed processes.

PowerPoint Service Application (answer "Y" for each command)

Get-SPPowerPointServiceApplication | Set-SPPowerPointServiceApplication -EnableSandboxedViewing $false
Get-SPPowerPointServiceApplication | Set-SPPowerPointServiceApplication -EnableSandboxedEditing $false

  Word Viewing Service Application

$a = Get-SPServiceApplication | where {$_.TypeName.Equals("Word Viewing Service Application")}
$a.WordServerIsSandboxed = $false

Run IISRESET all on SharePoint servers in the farm.

Please let me know whether this works for you.

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  1. Hi,

    You just have to create your Service Application in Powershell and specify the cache path as parameter.

    For instance :

    New-SPPowerPointServiceApplication -name "MyWorkgroupPPTApp" -ApplicationPool "SharePoint Web Services Default" -cachepath d:program filescustom cache"

    Reference :…/ff608182.aspx

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