PowerPivot Service Demystified, deck for SharePoint Saturday Baltimore 2014

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Slide deck for SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach 2014

Attached is the slide deck of the “Recommended Best Practices in Deploying and Configuring SharePoint 2013” by Ken Price and me at SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach 2014.   To download a copy, click the Menu button the ppt preview app bar and click “Download a Copy.”    


SharePoint 2010 – Service Accounts Passwords Change Guide

Service accounts password change in SharePoint 2010 is a pain.  Especially, if you follow the recommended best practices to have dedicated accounts for different services.  I have gone through several rounds of the service account password change and have found the steps that work for me.  First, you have to understand that not all service account password can…


SharePoint 2010 User Profile Synchronization – Manager is Missing

I recently ran into a problem with User Profile Synchronization in SharePoint 2010.   All properties (except one) were downloaded from Active Directory correctly.  However, the manager property was missing for everyone and the domain name of each user is wrong.   It turned out that the problem was because the domain NetBIOS name was different from the fully…


Recreate SharePoint 2010 User Profile Service

I recently had to recreate the User Profile Service in my SharePoint 2010 test farm due to a bad PowerShell script to add permissions to the USP.   The USP was hosed.  I was getting an invalid claim error when calling Get-SPServiceApplicationSecurity or when clicking on the Permission button in Central Admin.  So I decided to…


Change SharePoint 2010 Office Web Apps Physical Cache Location

Office Web Apps caches the rendered office documents to the server physical local drives before propragating them to the site collection cache.  Office Web Apps will write the cached files to the system temp directory. The default system temp location is C:\Windows\Temp.   If your C:\drive is small or you wish to move the cache location,…