Article Published on Creating a LINQ Provider

Pedram Rezaei has written a detailed and code centric article on how to create a LINQ provider similar to the LINQ to SQL provider. This article has large amount of specific technical information in it of interest to developers who want to tackle this complicated but very rewarding task. Building a LINQ Provider


Tech Republic Posts a Review of Essential LINQ

On the Tech Republic web site Justin James has written a review of Essential LINQ, the book Dinesh Kulkarni and I wrote about the key features of LINQ such as LINQ to Objects LINQ to SQL LINQ to XML We also touch on important subjects such as the Entity Framework, best practices, and LINQ extensions….


Recent Videos from the C# Team (2008-2009)

Here is a selection of videos created between July, 2008 and July, 2009 by members of the C# team at Microsoft: C# 4.0 Meet the Design Team: Anders Hejlsberg, Eric Lippert, et al Error Checking Feature in Visual Studio Service Pack 1: DJ Park Inside C# 4.0 – Dynamic Typing, Optional Params, Variance: Sam Ng…


Community Convergence XLVIII

Welcome to the 48th Community Convergence. The C# team continues to work hard to get out the next version of C#, and to add improvements to the Visual Studio 2010 IDE. Working long, fruitful hours on these rainy Washington State January days and nights, the engineers on our team are doing a great job putting…


LINQ Reference Documentation

The LINQ documentation created by Microsoft is available both inside Visual Studio, and for free via the MSDN library found on the WEB. Here are some important pages from that documentation that can help you navigate through the online reference material that Microsoft has prepared for LINQ developers: · The Root MSDN Library Page:…


LINQ Farm: Covariance and Contravariance in C# 4.0

This post covers the upcoming C# 4.0 support for covariance and contravariance when working with delegates and interfaces. Eric Lippert’s series of posts on this subject are definitely the definitive reference at this time. I’m writing this overview of the subject simply as an appendix to his explanation, and as quick reference for folks who…


Community Convergence XLVI

Welcome to the forty-sixth Community Convergence. There are three upcoming events for members of the C# team. The most important, PDC, will be held in Los Angeles over the week of October 26. The weekend before the conference, there will be a Code Camp in Los Angeles. One week after the PDC, there will be…


LINQ Farm: Preserving Formatting with LINQ to XML

In a previous post, you saw how to work with line numbers when using LINQ to XML to read a file. This post continues in the same vein, but this time the focus is on how to: Read in an XML file with an arbitrary format, and then write it back out to disk in…


LINQ Farm: LINQ to XML and Line Numbers

There are times when it is useful to know the line number of a node in an XML file. This information can be a helpful to users, particularly if you want to report an error. It can also be convenient to search for a node by line number, but that can, of course, be a…


Charlie to Speak on LINQ at DevLink

I will be speaking this Friday and Saturday, August 22nd and 23rd, at devLink near Nashville, TN. I will give two talks, both on LINQ, both for intermediate and advanced developers. The first covers querying in LINQ, and the second talk explains the features of C# 3.0 that make LINQ possible. Essence of LINQ Part…