The C# PM Team Goes to Dixie and Meets the Man

After hanging out with us all summer (and doing more than his share of excellent work), our intern Alex Turner headed back to school this evening. To send him off, the team went out to Dixie’s, a favorite barbecue spot here in the Seattle area. Dixie’s is an earthy joint built in an old auto-repair shop. It has the flavor of…


Visual Studio.NET 2003 Service Pack 1 Released

Visual Studio 2005 is the preferred environment for developers who want to keep up with the latest C# and .NET technologies. Those who are still using Visual Studio.NET 2003, however, will want to download the new service pack for that IDE. The service pack was released yesterday, August 17, 2006. You can download the new code here….


Code Climber: A Touch of Generics in the Morning

This article is meant as a gentle introduction to generics. It will be the first in a series of writings and multimedia files I’ll produce on this subject. Since this is the first technical blog I’ve written for Microsoft, I’ll say a few words by way of introduction. I want to write two types of…


Crowdsourcing: Tracking Job Trends

There is an interesting article on Crowdsourcing by Jeff Howe in the June issue of Wired. Crowdsourcing is touted as the latest unexpected threat to our professional lives. In this case, companies advertise about a task that can be done remotely, and then pay small sums of money to anyone who can do it. The idea…


Borland Brings back the Turbo Name

There is news from our old friends at Borland. It looks like they are bringing back the Turbo name.   There are many thousands of programmers who remember the great Turbo Pascal and Turbo C products from Borland. Well, now they are bringing the Turbo name back. There is a new web site called Turbo…


Scrum at the Agile 2006 Conference

It’s time to add some more information about my trip to the Agile 2006 Conference. One of the big themes that kept coming up at the conference was Scrum, a popular technique for implementing Agile technologies. The Scrum methodology was perhaps the most popular single Agile technique discussed at the conference. Many of the Scrum…


Bio Added, Some Updates on the New Job

This is just a quick entry to say that I’ve filled in the About section of this blog with some biographical information. I’ll take advantage of this opportunity to add a few more notes about what my life has been like since I moved up here to Redmond. The Microsoft campus is a vast maze,…


The Agile 2006 Conference

I spent last week at the Agile 2006 conference in Minneapolis. I’m going to try to dig through my notes and produce a few rambling paragraphs to at least begin commemorating my experience. The conference was punctuated by many animated discussions, impassioned talks, and heated debates. No single point of view carried the day. This…


Enhancing the C# Community

Hello, my name is Charlie Calvert, and on July 10, 2006 I started my new job as the Community Program Manager for the Visual C# group. This is my first blog here at Microsoft, and also my first message to the C# community.   My primary goal is to serve your needs by facilitating the creation of…