Charlie is Moving On

After four wonderful years, I’m leaving my position as a Community Manager at Microsoft. I’ve had a wonderful time working with the C# and the .NET communities and will miss you all.

I have no immediate plans to continue this blog elsewhere, but if I do engage again online you will probably be able to pick up the thread on my Elvenware site. It is currently very out of date, but hopefully I will find time to refresh it over the coming months:

Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm! Please continue to enjoy writing code and continue to explore the wonderful world of computers!

- Charlie Calvert

Comments (20)

  1. Hadi Hariri says:

    Best of luck Charlie. You were great at Borland and you were great Microsoft.

  2. Thank you for your work at Borland and Microsoft Charlie.

    I'm curious to know what you're going to do next!

  3. so long, and thanks for all the fish

    good luck Charlie

  4. Julie Lerman says:

    Wow, Charlie! You've been a great spirit there at MS. I still think you are a misplaced Vermonter. Let me know when the two of you are moving here! 🙂 I hope our paths cross again.


  5. Noah Coad says:

    You'll be sorely missed Charlie.  You've been an instrumental part of Microsoft, the C# developer community, and a friend.  I'm sure what ever endeavors you have planned from here on out will be good ones and take you to even better places.  

  6. brent says:

    are you leaving Microsoft or just your Position?

  7. PatrickSmacchia says:

    Thanks for all awesome the work you've done for the C# community Charlie, and good luck for your upcoming plans!

  8. Hi Charlie,

    I wish you all the best on next step(s) your going to take. I browsed so that to subscribe to it and keep up to date on what is going next, but noted there is no RSS/ATOM feed over there.


  9. Mehul Harry says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Good luck on your future endeavors.

  10. Microsoft is losing a great champion. Good luck in your future endeavours; it was great working with you.

  11. Hi Charlie,

    I wish you all the best with your upcoming roles.

    It was always great talking to you.


  12. Octavio Hernandez says:

    All the best, Charlie!

  13. Diego Canepa says:

    All the best! Thanks for always reporting the Karvonite releases!

    Your old Delphi reader 😉

  14. Ersoy says:

    All the best! Your another old Delphi reader B-)

  15. Murat Ak says:

    Good luck Charlie. I am fan of you from your delphi books.

    I wish all good.

  16. Dinesh Kulkarni says:

    Hope to see some posts on your Elvenware site sometime.

  17. Vaseem says:

    All the best, any web address to be in touch with you.

  18. Wyatt Wong says:

    So where will you be going after leaving Microsoft ?

  19. mr architect says:

    Hi Mr Charlie.

    can you create Artificial intelligence programming language or syntax in c# programming environments.

    prolog syntax and compilers is hard  for programming.



  20. dan richart says:

    this is dan from morton this is my frist comp plz work with me i will talk with at another time

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