Community Convergence LX

Welcome to the sixtieth community convergence. I’m going to continue to keep this short, but I plan to update more frequently. Eric Lippert: Why are unused using directives not a warning? Sam Ng: The Pain of deploying Primary Interop Assemblies Scott Hanselman: DynamicQueryable makes custom LINQ expressions easier Scott Hanselman: How many PCs have the .NET…


Help Me Get Started Using Visual Studio

If you are new to Visual Studio, you might be interested in these links: Visual Studio Quick Tour of the Integrated Development Environment How to Arrange and Dock Windows How to Navigate Within the Integrated Development Environment Managing Solutions, Projects, and Files Editing Code and Resource Files Creating Data Applications Using Visual Studio Building Debugging…


Community Convergence LIX

Welcome to the fifty-ninth Community Convergence – now shorter than ever! Below you will see the top links for this week. Alexandra Rusina  Getting Information About Objects, Types, and Members with Expression Trees Eric Lippert What’s the difference between a destructor and a finalizer? Continuing to an outer loop Kirill Osenkov Unable to cast COM…

Article Published on Creating a LINQ Provider

Pedram Rezaei has written a detailed and code centric article on how to create a LINQ provider similar to the LINQ to SQL provider. This article has large amount of specific technical information in it of interest to developers who want to tackle this complicated but very rewarding task. Building a LINQ Provider


SoCal Code Camp at California State, Fullerton

Just a reminder that there will be a code camp coming up in Southern California on January 30th and 31st. Follow this link for details: SoCal Rock and Roll Code Camp: Yeah… It’s like that!

Error Loading Projects: ResetSkipPkgs

If you are having trouble loading projects and perhaps get an error message like this:  “Project ‘X’ could not be opened because the Microsoft Visual C# 2008 compiler could not be created.” Try passing in these parameters when starting the IDE: devenv /resetskippkgs. This can fix a problem that occurs because you were prompted to…