Classic, Lightweight and ScriptFree MSDN Library Views

There have been a number of changes to the MSDN library of late, and to the way it is integrated with Visual Studio 2010. Kathleen McGrath and Mark D'Urso have created a nice little video that walks you through some of the new features such as the classic, lightweight and script-free views, as well as the new feedback mechanism. If you have questions about how the new features in the library work you might find that this is a useful way to spend 9 minutes and 36 seconds.

You might also enjoy Kathleen’s video interview with Ryan Linton. It  focuses on using help from inside Visual Studio.

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  1. arnshea says:

    I have got to sing the praises of ScriptFree.  It’s blindingly fast.  So fast that I’ve finally switched to using msdn online much more often.  It’s finally fast enough for casual help browsing.  Woohoo!

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