Windows 7 Code Pack V. 1.0 Released

The Windows® API Code Pack for Microsoft® .NET Framework provides support for various features of Windows 7 and previous releases of that operating system. The Code Pack has  reached version 1.0 and has been published on Code Gallery:

Here are some of the features you can from managed code using the Code Pack:

  • Windows 7 Taskbar Jump Lists, Icon Overlay, Progress Bar, Tabbed Thumbnails, and Thumbnail Toolbars.
  • Windows 7 Libraries, Known Folders, non-file system containers.
  • Windows Shell Search API support, a hierarchy of Shell Namespace entities, and Drag and Drop functionality for Shell Objects.
  • Explorer Browser Control.
  • Shell property system.
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 Common File Dialogs, including custom controls.
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 Task Dialogs.
  • Direct3D 11.0, Direct3D 10.1/10.0, DXGI 1.0/1.1, Direct2D 1.0, DirectWrite, Windows Imaging Component (WIC) APIs. (DirectWrite and WIC have partial support)
  • Sensor Platform APIs
  • Extended Linguistic Services APIs
  • Power Management APIs
  • Application Restart and Recovery APIs
  • Network List Manager APIs
  • Command Link control and System defined Shell icons.

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Comments (13)

  1. Brandon says:

    Does this also contain a managed Ribbon UI contro included?

  2. Paymaster says:

    We’ve been waiting for this. So far Win7 RTM seems rock solid and for .NET developers this code pack is pure gold.

  3. Keeron says:

    The Ribbon UI isn’t included in this library (probably a future addition). However, there is a WPF version (in .NET 4.0 I think), which is not the same as the native Win7 Ribbon APIs.

  4. Bill Wagner says:


    This is great news.  I’ve got a couple questions:

    Will this be part of the .NET 4.0 framework library?  

    And, will it run with VS2010 Beta 1?

  5. Keeron says:

    This won’t be part of the .NET framework 4.0.

    As far as VS2010 Beta 1, the core library seems to work and build without any changes. The DX library/samples might have some issues building.

  6. Min says:

    Is there any multitouch support?

    where can download WPF multitouch package?

  7. Keeron says:

    No multitouch in the 1.0 release of code pack. Probably a future release addition…

    I did a quick search and these seem promising (WPF / Multitouch)

    This one using the native APIs directly (p/invoke)

  8. richard_deeming says:

    Great code, but I’d still like to see more explicit documentation about backwards compatibility – with samples, if possible. We can’t assume everyone’s move to Windows 7 yet!

    Also, some of the WPF controls seem to have artificial version constrains. For example, is there any reason the WPF command-link control wouldn’t work on XP?

  9. Keeron says:


    The samples are using platform checks (built into specific library features). You could search for "IsPlatformSupported" property reference in the samples.

    Good point about the WPF command link. Maybe post a issue (feature request) on the code gallery site?

  10. springy says:

    Are there any useful functions available in XP (despite the OS checks)? I did not find any, every sample crashes on startup, doesn’t find interfaces/GUIDs or just does not do anything.

  11. Keeron says:

    I think some of the PowerManagement APIs will work on XP. You can probably verify which method by looking at PowerManager.cs…

    Rest of the features are Vista/Win7. I think the code pack is officially supported on Windows 7 and Vista only. The purpose is to light up the applications on these OSs. Apps could use the platform checks or System.Envionment.OSVersion to make sure these aren’t used on XP (if the app runs on XP and Vista/Win7).

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