Community Convergence LV

Welcome to the fifty-fifth release of Community Convergence. The big news this week is the release of an updated version of CodeRush Xpress, version 9.2. This upgrade to the popular set of free enhancements to the VS IDE has important performance and memory improvements. You might also be interested to hear that the Popfly Game…


Tech Republic Posts a Review of Essential LINQ

On the Tech Republic web site Justin James has written a review of Essential LINQ, the book Dinesh Kulkarni and I wrote about the key features of LINQ such as LINQ to Objects LINQ to SQL LINQ to XML We also touch on important subjects such as the Entity Framework, best practices, and LINQ extensions….


CodeRush Xpress 9.2 Ships

The free CodeRush Xpress from DevExpress provides C# and VB developers with powerful extensions to Visual Studio. These features include editing and refactoring tools that make it easier for you to quickly produce well designed code. Version 9.2 of CodeRush Xpress, which shipped on August 25, 2009, has greatly improved memory and performance characteristics.  CodeRush…


Tech Days Canada 2009 Call for Speakers

Peter Ritchie has posted about the upcoming Tech Days Conference in Canada, stating that you can contact him or Justice Gray about speaking slots in the Developer Foundations tracks if you are interested in the Vancouver or Toronto sessions. Click these links to Tweet @PeterRichie or @JusticeGray. Of course, you might just want to attend…

Soma Blog on New Features in C# 4.0

Just a quick note to point out that Soma posted on new features in C# 4.0 and VB 10.0. Both compilers will be part of Visual Studio 2010. Various team members responded to questions on the post, so there is additional information in the comments section.


MSDN Event: Fundamentals of WPF & WPF in the Real World

  MSDN Events will host Paul Sheriff in two free half day events in Southern California. He first talk is on the Fundamentals of WPF. It covers basic WPF concepts and working with data. Technologies discussed in the talk include working with combo boxes, list boxes, and list views. His second talk, WPF in the…


Community Convergence LIV

Welcome to the fifty-fourth edition of Community Convergence. The number of posts from the C# team is a bit sparse right now since so many folks are heads down on C# 4.0. There was a little flurry of excitement among some of us on the team when Soma posted on new features in C# 4.0….

Community Convergence LIII

Welcome to the fifty-third edition of Community Convergence. Here at Microsoft the C# team is still busy polishing C# 4.0 so that is shines and glistens. Below I provide some links to recent articles of interest by C# team developers, other Microsoft employees, and community members. Included is a fun video by Kirill Osenkov on…

Windows 7 Code Pack V. 1.0 Released

The Windows® API Code Pack for Microsoft® .NET Framework provides support for various features of Windows 7 and previous releases of that operating system. The Code Pack has  reached version 1.0 and has been published on Code Gallery: Download it Read about it Discuss it Report bugs Here are some of the features you can…


Community Convergence LII

Welcome to the fifty-second release of Community Convergence. In this issue, I provide a series of links to C# team blog posts, and to other posts that might be of interest to C# developers. Team Posts Eric Lippert What’s the difference, part one: Generics are not templates What’s The Difference, Part Two: Scope vs Declaration…