Community Convergence XLIX (IL)

Welcome to the 49th edition of Community Convergence. The big excitment of late has been the recent release of the Visual Studio 2010 Beta. If you have downloaded it yet, you should waste no time in heading over to the product page and downloading the files. As usual for betas of this type, I would recommend running it inside a Virtual Machine, or on a machine that you can afford to entirely reformat.

I’ve also included a number of links to articles from team members, many of whom discuss C# 4.0 programming issues that are related to the Visual Studio 2010 beta. There has been a lot of excellent blogging activity lately, so go ahead and get started digging into this great information.

Eric Lippert

Kirill Osenkov

Luca Bolognese

Sam Ng

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  2. Gireesh says:

    Hello friends, i m using C# with Visual Studio2008, i have placed monthcalander in my form, from this control i m picking my date. my date should be display in the the textbox1 in the format like 12-jun-2009. how can i do this please suggest.

    Thanking in advance

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