Community Convergence XLVII

Welcome to the 47th Community Convergence. We had a very successful trip to PDC this year. In this post I’ll outline some of the highlights, and give you a chance to share in some of the excitement by linking to online versions of the talks from the C#, VB, IronRuby, IronPython and F# teams. Speakers at these talks include Anders Hejlsberg, Luca Bolognese, Paul Vick, Lucian Wischik, Dustin Campbell and Alex Turner. Several of these talks were among the top rated events at the conference, with Anders’ talk once again garnering the most attention and generating the most excitement.

Other highlights include a paper by Mads Torgersen that provides an overview of C# 4.0, samples demonstrating how to use the new C# 4.0 features, several posts by managed language team members on C# 4.0 features, and a set of interviews and pod casts related to our most recent plans.

Last week we also announced the release of the CTP for Visual Studio 2010. Be sure to download it if you want to try out the features discussed in the talks and posts that are highlighted in this article. You can go to the forums to leave comments on the CTP.

While you are thinking about the important new announcements for Visual Studio 2010, don’t forget to download the free CodeRush Xpress for Visual Studio 2008. That is something you can be using right now!

The Talks

Click the links to go to an online version of the VSL (managed language) team talks at PDC

Samples and Overview of C# 4.0

I want to make sure that everyone can find the C# compiler team’s samples that demonstrated the key new features in C# 4.0. Accompanying the samples is a wonderful overview of C# 4.0, written by Mads Torgersen. Mads is a Senior PM on the VSL team; he sits on the C# design team with Anders, Matt, Eric and the others who help shape the language.

You can download the samples and Mads’ paper on the CSharp Future site:

This site will be the place where we roll out new samples and other documents related to the evolution of the C# language. Don’t forget to click the Downloads tab on the CSharp Future site to view the downloads.


Eric, Sam and Chris are developers who are implementing the dynamic feature in C# 4.0, so you don’t want to miss any of their posts on this subject. Along with Mads, Alex and Anders, they are folks who are defining the future of C#, so you should and listen to everything they have to say if you want to stay current with our plans for C#.

Sam Ng

Chris Burrows

Eric Lippert

Charlie Calvert


We did several podcasts and interviews during this event, and more are coming:

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  2. When speaking of languages, and C# in particular, the presentation on Mono by Miguel de Icaza should be included.  The Mono team as done a terrific job, and is covering ground that Microsoft can’t.

    For those interested, it’s at

  3. Charlie — Thanks so much for spending the time with Bill at PDC to do the interview with Keith and myself. We loved talking with you and all of the other great Microsoft geeks that sat down with us.


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  5. One of the most exciting announcements from PDC was the news about C# 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. With all the excitement and discussion throughout the event about these new developer tools, we reached out to two experts in the fields. Charlie Calvert

  6. A while ago we announced Visual Studio 2010 and C# 4.0. In case you’d like to catch up and read articles

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