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Social bookmarking plays a big role in my online life. Sites like Delicious, DotNetKicks and Digg are places I often turn to for information or entertainment. These sites are important to me because I believe the community has a wisdom of its own that sometimes matches or exceeds the wisdom of the various experts we have been taught to rely on when we need to exercise taste or judgment. Certainly it is fascinating and frequently instructive to watch clusters of connections being drawn by people interacting in the virtual world we call the Internet. And sometimes its just interesting to see the crazy things that people find significant enough to bookmark.

Here are few posts recommended by the social bookmarking team that can help introduce you to the Microsoft vision for this technology:

They also point out that you can easily add bookmarking icons to your blogs, as shown at the end of this post:


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  1. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  2. phantom76 says:

    Great! I really like the direction that IE8 is taking.

    But I feel there needs to be some consolidation has to happen to keep the number of bookmarking sites under control. Even MS seems to have 4 now! Would like to see only one and then differentiate the type of bookmarks with tags like Technet, Expression etc.,

  3. R. Edward says:


    Check out Kallout (

    I’m also a Firefox lover who tried out IE 8 Beta looking for social-bookmarking functionality. I think the killer feature in IE-8 is “SELECTION-BASED SEARCH” where you can search with only a mouse. MS calls these Accelerators. The problem with Accelerators — just like you point out — is that the user has to figure out which one to apply to his selection. It’s just unusable once you get more than two or three.

    The version of SELECTION-BASED SEARCH search which I love is KallOut.

    KallOut already works over IE (the older versions) and Firefox (my favorite) as well as all of office. It’s really a killer application IMO for mouse-based search.

    What IE8 Beta really needs is a way for the application to automatically choose which accelerator you need to use for a given selection-based search request. Kallout already does this with its “Best-Guess” feature.

    Just a random reader opinion, anyway. Check out Kallout at for yourself!


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