CodeRush Xpress for C#

Developer Express and Microsoft have arranged a free copy of limited features from CodeRush and Refactor! Pro that is available for C# developers using Visual Studio 2008. You can read about the details here: Here are some of the features included in this extensive and quite powerful package: Find any File or Symbol… Tab…


LINQ Farm: Covariance and Contravariance in C# 4.0

This post covers the upcoming C# 4.0 support for covariance and contravariance when working with delegates and interfaces. Eric Lippert’s series of posts on this subject are definitely the definitive reference at this time. I’m writing this overview of the subject simply as an appendix to his explanation, and as quick reference for folks who…


Visual Studio 2010 Pre-Beta CTP is Now Live

The pre-beta, Visual Studio 2010 bits are now available for download. You can get them here: Main download  page. The VS 2010 download files page. The C# compiler team samples are also available for download here.


Community Convergence XLVI

Welcome to the forty-sixth Community Convergence. There are three upcoming events for members of the C# team. The most important, PDC, will be held in Los Angeles over the week of October 26. The weekend before the conference, there will be a Code Camp in Los Angeles. One week after the PDC, there will be…


C# and VB on the Road

The C# and VB teams, along with a few closely associated friends, are going to be on the road quite a bit during the next few months. Here I’ve posted at least a few of the major events we will be attending. If you happen to be in the area, try to drop in on…


Social Bookmarking on MSDN

Social bookmarking plays a big role in my online life. Sites like Delicious, DotNetKicks and Digg are places I often turn to for information or entertainment. These sites are important to me because I believe the community has a wisdom of its own that sometimes matches or exceeds the wisdom of the various experts we…