Released: Visual Studio Service Pack 1; .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1

Visual Studio Service Pack 1 and .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1 are now available for download. A new feature for C# developers called squiggles provides better error messages while you are typing your code. There are several important LINQ performance enhancements, including one that could yield a 30% speed increase in some common scenarios. There are also thousands of other bug fixes.

A general description of these releases is available here. It describes Visual Studio and .NET 3.5 changes such as:

  • Improvements to the WPF designers, and core WPF performance.
  • SQL 2008 support
  • Entity Framework support.


A download page is available here, or you can just follow these links:

VS 2008 Service Pack 1:

VS 2008 Express Editions with Service Pack 1:

VS Team System 2008 Team Foundation SP 1:

.NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1:

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  1. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  2. Theres just a ton of new features in SP1… so lets just jump to the links (from Charlies blog post )

  3. Anders Borum says:

    Charlie, can’t wait to read about the LINQ performance enhancements. Any chance there’s information on the web on the subject already?

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Novi SP za .NET Framework 3.5 i Visual Studio 2008

  5. Microsoft has recently released an updated training kit with presentations, hands-on labs, demos and

  6. LINQ Master says:

    Excellent… I’ve been waiting a while for this to finally release… Thanks for all the quick links

  7. Ted says:

    Where is a detailed list of changes such as listing new/changed .NET framework methods?

  8. ccalvert says:


    Dinesh has outlined the performance improvements for LINQ. You can read his blog post here:

    He’s a little more careful than I am about describing the actual amount of improvement we will see, so I may tweak more words a bit just to play it safe. But there are definite improvements which yield positive results.

  9. jemiller says:

    Just wondering where System.Windows.Controls.WegbBrowser is? A previous blog entry stated that it was going to be included with SP1, but, it appears to not be there.

  10. Ross says:

    Is any one else having problems loading workflow projects with SP1? I get an error saying "Project type not supported" even when trying to create a new workflow project.

  11. Chris says:

    Does anyone know when/if this will hit WSUS?  The .NET Framework 3.5 itself still is not on WSUS.

  12. Brit says:

    I have my VS in a virtual machine with a 10gb disk, VS 2008 takes up about 1gb, why then, oh why, does the Sp1 updated want 6GB!!!!! to update my vs? which is more than half my disk space, and I just cant make that kinda space.. I have 50% free..

  13. Richard Everett says:

    The following program will run under 3.5, but fails with an exception on the second line after SP1 is installed:

    class Program


       static void Main(string[] args)


           int[] ints = { 1, 2, 3, 4 };

           string[] strings = ints.Cast<string>().ToArray();



    An InvalidCastException gets thrown from the generic Cast call.

    Do we have an alternative method of casting the elements of an array?

  14. Eugene says:

    Folowing exception was thrown by many applications after installing SP1

    "Cryptographic service provider (CSP) could not be found for this algorithm.". All applications works fine, before installing SP.

  15. David Nelson says:

    The Cast operator was always intended to cast an untyped collection (i.e. IEnumerable) to a typed collection (i.e. IEnumerable<T>). The fact that it was also capable of executing type casts on elements was a mistake in the implementation. The correct way to perform a type cast on each element is to use the Select statement:

    ints.Select(i => i.ToString())

  16. Anonymous says:

    I dunno, i guess this is still beta or preview version, or it might be the deployment team got wrong when they were packaging the installer, or it might be the tester team also forgot to test everything, or whatever things that makes me have to say that this is a nightmare release =))

  17. Novi SP za .NET Framework 3.5 i Visual Studio 2008

  18. Для всехСкачать Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 ExpressДля подписчиков MSDN .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack…

  19. askinstall says:

    Hello, it’s not direct link to iso

    I have direct link for non SP1 only

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