Axialis IconWorkshop™ Lite for VS 2008

No, I haven't totally lost my mind and gone completely marketing mad. This is a free add-in to Visual Studio 2008. Microsoft worked with Axialis to create this tool because there is a need for new, larger icons, now that we have higher resolution monitors. IconWorkshop supports creating 256X256 icons supported on Vista.









You can download the free add-in from the Axialis site:

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  1. o3APA3A says:

    You have gone completely marketing mad! There is no file there – 404…

  2. some one says:

    Yup confirmed 404. madness I say.

  3. ccalvert says:

    Sorry about that. Not enough sleep last night. This about the third thing like this I have done today. The link is fixed now.

  4. JohnG says:

    Don’t see any Lite version at the new URL.

  5. Jorriss says:

    Maybe it’s me but I don’t see a Lite version on the site just a pay version. I’m I just blind?

  6. krunal says:

    there is no free version

    Axialis IconWorkshop™

    Download 30-Day Tryout Version

  7. The original link existed, but Axialis removed it. The current link only features the paid product.

    I think you should talk to Axialis, since the product no longer appears on their site.

  8. Garry Trinder says:

    In addition:

    "…Additionally it has been developped in C++ using Microsoft® MFC which is the industry standard in software engineering…"

    And I thought that was a statement which was true 1998, not 2008.

  9. V says:

    VS2008 supports Vista icons on its own… what’s this fuss all about?

    If you want something qualitatively different, get RealWorld Icon Editor…

  10. jbhamlin says:

    I guess they pulled the plug…

    Their loss.  Will Check out your suggestion, RealWorld Icon Editor!

  11. Mal Ross says:

    Well, I downloaded this with great hopes for proper integration with Visual Studio and what did I get? A single button on a custom toolbar that simply launches the current document in a new instance of IconWorkshop. Hardly what I’d call integrated. Which is a pity, as the built-in icon/bitmap editor for Visual Studio has been sadly lacking for years now.

    Off to check out RealWorld Icon Editor now…


  12. ccalvert says:

    Gosh. This is one blog post I wish I had never written! I apologize for the confusion.

    – Charlie

  13. Peter says:

    Your installer does not seem to detect Visual Studio 2008 Professional SP1, and consequently fails to install.

  14. George Thomas says:

    I downloaded and gave it a try. It looks slick and performs well. The pro version adds a ton of features, but the free one does everything I need at this time.

  15. Sean Aitken says:

    I hate to say, but my personal feeling is that the ability to create the kind of icons needed in Vista should be included with Visual Studio and not provided by some third party. I can understand creating the actual icons being a true art, but to assemble the icon… That really should be part of VS. I will download this, and I’m glad to see it’s free, but why not include it with VS? Ohwell.

  16. jbhamlin says:

    I think the point that Sean makes is valid, but in each release of VS I have never seen MS have all the tools built in, for all aspects of Windows application development.

    In some cases the tools were the most fundamental –  just to enable the ability to create a .RC file (for example) – and relying more so on the 3rd party developers, this especially was the case with the Custom Controls.

  17. Hello,

    A new version is available online. It installs fine on activated trial versions of Visual Studio 2008.


    Marc EMILE – Axialis Team

  18. Nick says:

    I’d be happy if they fixed cut/copy/paste in the VS 2008 icon editor.  But it’s only been broke since 4.0 or so…maybe 2010.

  19. PW says:

    I tried to install version and it definitely does not install or recognizes VS 2008 Profesional if you use an activated trial version with SP1 installed. If you are going to release a product and then tell everyone it works and is fixed… It better well work.

  20. Arash says:

    I tried version too and it did NOT recognize VS 2008 Professional SP1 on my Vista machine.

  21. Martin GK says:

    I agree with PW and Arash – my activated trial version of VS 2008 SP1 is not recognised. If this is supposed to be the official Icon editor for VS, you’d have hoped someone would have tested it…

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