Where are the Visual Studio 2008 Keybinding Posters?

Download the posters in PDF format here:

  1. Visual C# 2008 Keybinding Reference Poster
  2. Visual Basic 2008 Keybinding Reference Poster
  3. Visual C++ 2008 Keybinding Reference Poster

Download the C# Keybindings in a spreadsheet.

Note that many of the keybindings stem from Visual Studio classes such Edit, Project, View, Window and Refactor. To see the complete list of methods for these classes, bring up the command window (Ctrl-W, A) and type File followed by a period. IntelliSense on all the methods for the File object will appear in the command window, just as if you were working with a C# class in the editor window. You can also see this classes in the find/command box on the toolbar (Ctrl + /). Inside the find/command box, type the the greater than symbol followed by the word Find and a period: >Find.

Here is a quick overview of the keybindings without the text that explains the purpose of each binding. You can also download a version of these bindings that will toggle hiding and showing the keybindings. You can use this feature to quiz yourself on the bindings. See the poster or the spreadsheet to retrieve the text explaining each keybinding: 

Visual C# 2008 Keybindings

Edit.CollapseTo-Definitions CTRL + M, O
Edit.ToggleAllOutlining CTRL + M, L
Edit.ToggleOutliningExpansion CTRL + M, M
Edit.StopOutlining CTRL + M, P
Edit.CommentSelection CTRL + K, C or CTRL + E, C
Edit.UncommentSelection CTRL + K, U or CTRL + E, U
Edit.FormatDocument CTRL + K, D or CTRL + E, D
Edit.FormatSelection CTRL + K, F or CTRL + E, F
Edit.InsertSnippet CTRL + K, X
Edit.SurroundWith CTRL + K, S
Edit.InvokeSnippetFromShortcut TAB
Edit.CycleClipboardRing CTRL + SHIFT + V
Edit.Replace CTRL + H
Edit.ReplaceInFiles CTRL + SHIFT + H
View.ShowSmartTag CTRL + . Or SHIFT + ALT + F10
File.NewProject CTRL + SHIFT + N
File.OpenProject CTRL + SHIFT + O
Project.AddClass SHIFT + ALT + C
Project.AddExistingItem SHIFT + ALT + A
Project.AddNewItem CTRL + SHIFT + A
Window.ShowEzMDIFileList CTRL + ALT + DOWN ARROW
Edit.OpenFile CTRL + O
Edit.CompleteWord CTRL + SPACE or CTRL + K, W
Edit.ListMembers CTRL + J or CTRL + K, L
Edit.QuickInfo CTRL + K, I
Edit.ParameterInfo CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE or CTRL K, P
Make Completion List Transparent CTRL
Edit.FindAllReferences SHIFT + F12 or CTRL + K, R
Edit.GoToBrace CTRL + ]
Edit.GoToDefinition F12
Edit.GoToNextLocation F8
Edit.IncrementalSearch CTRL + I
View.ClassViewGo-ToSearch, Combo CTRL + K, CTRL + V
View.ForwardBrowseContext CTRL + SHIFT + 7
View.PopBrowseContext CTRL + SHIFT + 8
View.NavigateBackward CTRL + MINUS SIGN (-)
View.NavigateForward CTRL + SHIFT + MINUS SIGN (-)
Edit.FindInFiles CTRL + SHIFT + F
Edit.FindSymbol ALT + F12
View.ViewCode F7
View.ViewDesigner SHIFT + F7
View.ViewMarkup SHIFT + F7
Window.MoveToNavigationBar CTRL + F2
Edit.Find CTRL + F
Edit.GoTo CTRL + G
Edit.GoToFindCombo CTRL + /
View.ClassView CTRL + W, C
View.CodeDefinitionWindow CTRL + W, D
View.Command-Window CTRL + W, A
View.ErrorList CTRL + W, E
View.ObjectBrowser CTRL + W, J
View.Output CTRL + W, O
View.PropertiesWindow CTRL + W, P
View.SolutionExplorer CTRL + W, S
View.TaskList CTRL + W, T
View.Toolbox CTRL + W, X
View.ServerExplorer CTRL + W, L
Window.CloseToolWindow SHIFT + ESC
Data.ShowDataSources SHIFT + ALT + D
Window.CloseDocument, Window CTRL + F4
Window.NextDocument, WindowNav CTRL + TAB
Refactor.EncapsulateField CTRL + R, E
Refactor.ExtractInterface CTRL + R, I
Refactor.ExtractMethod CTRL + R, M
Refactor.PromoteLocalVariabletoParameter CTRL + R, P
Refactor.RemoveParameters CTRL + R, V
Refactor.Rename CTRL + R, R or F2
Refactor.ReorderParameters CTRL + R, O
Debug.Autos CTRL + D, A
Debug.CallStack CTRL + D, C
Debug.Immediate CTRL + D, I
Debug.Locals CTRL + D, L
Debug.QuickWatch CTRL + D, Q
Debug.Start F5
Debug.StartWithoutDebugging CTRL + F5
Debug.StepInto F11
Debug.StepOut SHIFT + F11
Debug.StepOver F10
Debug.StopDebugging SHIFT + F5
Debug.ToggleBreakpoint F9
Debug.Watch CTRL + D, W
Debug.EnableBreakpoint CTRL + F9
Make Datatip Transparent [CTRL]
Build.BuildSolution F6 or CTRL + SHIFT + B
Build.BuildSelection SHIFT + F6


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  2. In this listing is missing a very important keybinding, at least for me. I used to Delphi and there, we have a CTRL + Y that delete a line without copy it to clipboard.

    I was hunting something like that for VS2008 and after some tests i found CTRL+SHIFT+DEL, this one deletes a line without  copying it to clipboard.


  3. Ooopss…  the correct key is


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  6. Peter Wone says:

    Thank you for once again taking the trouble to produce the keybinding posters.

    Don’t think we’re unappreciative of your efforts, but it does seem time to remind you that three-quarters of the technological world is metric, and the posters are once again incorrectly sized for A4 paper.

  7. Paul says:

    Here is a giant 30" x 20" jpg image of good quality.  You should be able to print this on whatever size paper you want.  Contact Paul at the base url for comments/changes:


  8. Ron says:

    Is there a way to personalize the comment tag?

    I’d like to add the date and initials to the //

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