Managed Languages Team is Hiring

The C#, VB, F#, Python and Ruby teams are looking for program managers, developers and testers who want to come work at Microsoft. The languages I've listed are among the most popular in use today, and Microsoft is in the forefront of the innovations that are driving the future of computer language development. Though not all our plans public at this time, I can say that we are involved in developing many exciting new technologies. The C# team has just finished shipping LINQ, which is provides developers with a powerful new technology for querying data. F# is exciting new language which will ship in the near future. There is surge of energy in the development world about dynamic languages such as Ruby and Python, and of course VB is one of the most popular languages in the world, as it has been for many years and will continue to be in the future.

Perhaps the best reason to come work at Microsoft is the chance to become friends with other highly skilled engineers. Some of the most brilliant developers in the world work at Microsoft, and the general level of expertise inside the language buildings is very high. The chance to talk with the best engineers and to develop and drive these technologies represents a unique opportunity for developers to enhance their skills, learn about computer science, and get insights into the future of computing.

Here are few of the openings available. I will look to post more openings here as I learn about them:

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