Community Convergence XLIII

Welcome to the forty-third issue of Community Convergence. The last few weeks have been consumed by the 2008 MVP Summit. During that annual event about 150 C# MVPs and many MVPs from other disciplines descend on Redmond for a technical summit accompanied by fun and games at local restaurants and hotels. Below I include a summary of the event by Jeremy D. Miller. One of the highlights of the event is a day in which the C# MVPs hear directly from the team about our plans for the future.

Other recent news includes the release of the Visual LINQ Query Builder, a tool for helping developers compose LINQ queries. Mitsu Furuta and others have been working hard on this project, and it is great to finally see it available for download. It is a useful programming tool for all LINQ developers, and especially for those who are new to LINQ and want some help learning the syntax.

From the C# Team

Luca Bolognese

Kirill Osenkov

Charlie Calvert

From the C# Community


Dustin Campbell

Jeremy D. Miller


Scott Guthrie


Daniel Fernandez

Charles Petzold

From the F# Team

Luke Hoban

Jomo Fisher

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    You have the post: "Got var" attributed to Jeremy Miller when it should be Jean Paul Boodhoo.

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