Community Convergence XLII

Welcome to the forty-second issue of Community Convergence. The last few weeks have found me working hard and late. We have had a successful internal C# community review, and that means I have been gathering statistics on all the projects we've been working on for the C# Community. I now have a deep statistical understanding of our forums, connect, developer center and blogs. I have also been studying internal projects that are not directly applicable to the broader community. What have I learned? I'm not sure, but I have a lot of statistical evidence to support it!

While assembling data for the review, I was confronted continuously by the strength of the C# community. Your interest in C# has fueled growth in the forums, the developer center and the blogs. That is a tribute to your interest in development, to your creativity, to your passion for the intricate and fascinating work that can be done with a C# compiler and a fully engaged imagination.

The one thing that does stand out from the review is how many intelligent, engaged people there are in the C# community. But you don't need to study our statistics to see that. All you need do is click through the links listed below in this week's edition of Community Convergence. Even when the C# team is heads down working on new code, stalwart community types like Eric Lippert and Ed Maurer can find time to engage us with interesting posts. Out in the broader C# community, I've found dazzling material from Tomas Petricek, Joe Duffy, Chuck J, Greg Young, and many others. Thank you all. Your great work is the real evidence of the health of the C# community.

From the C# Team

Eric Lippert

Ed Maurer

Kirill Osenkov

Charlie Calvert

From the C# Community

Tomas Petricek

Mohammed Hossam

Joe Duffy

Burton Smith
Chuck Jazdzewski

Greg Young

Scott Hanselman


Scot Guthrie

Mark Wisecarver

Charles Petzold

Leniel Macaferi


Joseph Albahari

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  1. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  2. Mike says:


    The Source Code Outliner PowerToy has now moved to CodePlex :

  3. Thanks very much for linking to my post.

    I am looking forward to meeting you soon

    By the way, Are you coming this year to Egypt in the EDC?

  4. ccalvert says:


    I can’t make it to Egypt this year as it conflicts with another event that I must attend. Hopefully I can make it next year.

    Congrats again on the job.

    – Charlie

  5. ccalvert says:


    I’ve updated the link to the SourceCodeOutliner. I usually check the links more carefully than that, but I think it was the last or next to last item I added, and it slipped past my rather leaky link checking system.

    – Charlie

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