Community Convergence XLI

Welcome to the forty-first Community Convergence. The big news this week is that we have moved Future Focus, our peek at features that might appear in the next version of Visual Studio, to the Code Gallery. To seed our efforts on this new platform we have a new post on our plans for the IDE. This post covers a feature named the Call Hierarchy. I should perhaps add that in subsequent Future Focus posts you can expect to see us switch back and forth between our plans for the IDE, the C# language and other features. We want to mix up the issues we discuss, thereby insuring that all the major areas in the product are covered at one point or another. On a related note, I should mentioned that the IDE Dev Lead, Kevin Pilch-Bisson, is also looking for general feedback on features you'd like to see in the next version of the IDE.

When working on the C# Developer Center, my main collaborator on the MSDN side is Kerby Kuykendall, a tireless and talented worker who has done much to improve the way the Dev Centers look, and the degree of inter-action that we can expect when we visit it. We work together to bring in the community pieces that appear on the front page of the C# Dev Center, so I'll let him introduce the fascinating new article by Tomas Petricek on Calculating with Infinite Sequences.

I also want to announce the Visual Studio Gallery where you can find a collections of VS extensions, add-ins and third party tools. This is a sister project to Code Gallery. On Code Gallery you find samples and community related content, while the Visual Studio Gallery is designed to host extensions, particularly those developed by various ISVs. Ongoing projects that are frequently developed in collaboration with the community are found on CodePlex.

New from the C# Community

Eric Lippert

Sam Ng

Ed Mauer

Kevin Pilch-Bisson

Luca Bolegnese

Charlie Calvert

Various LINQ Posts

LINQ and Outlook

Wriju Ghosh


Bruce Eckel


Other Articles or Announcements of Note

Scott Guthrie

Scott Hanselman


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  1. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  2. I mention the preview of their book that Jamie King and Bruce Eckel have made available as a free download

  3. Eye On .NET is periodical listing series for .NET(Blogs, Articles, Media, Events and Announcing) I hope

  4. Sunil Pandey says:

    I was searching for new feature in c# 3.0

    I got that here

  5. Links says:

    Добрый день

    Как сделать лицензирования?

    Делаю как в MSDN написано на основе LicFileLicenseProvider – не получается


  6. Links says:

    Добрый день

    Как сделать лицензирования?

    Делаю как в MSDN написано на основе LicFileLicenseProvider – не получается


  7. ahmed says:

    i want to have acourse in sharepoint server  2007 >>>>i want to know a company that have this course in egypt

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