New and Updated Live API’s for Web Developers

A series of new or updated API's that developers can use for building web applications are available from the Windows Live Dev site. The new services and API's are listed below. Go to Dave Treadwell's post to read about them in more detail.

New or Updated Windows Live Platform Services

  • Developer Tools – Windows Live Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Windows Live Messenger Library
  • Contacts API
  • Silverlight Streaming
  • Windows Live ID Delegated Authentication
  • Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub)
  • Application Based Storage

New or Updated Windows Live Quick Applicatin Updates

  • Visit Planner
  • Tafiti Search Visualization

Key Links for Windows Live Dev Updates

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  2. hardik joshi says:

    are these APIs free to use for authentication? or there are any charges yearly?

  3. Welcome to the forty-first Community Convergence. The big news this week is that we have moved Future

  4. Nice update. Thanks Charlie. I am looking for a contacts API. Now i found it.


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