Link to Everything: A List of LINQ Providers

I've recently updated the list of LINQ Providers found on my Links to LINQ page, accessible from the News section on the left of this blog. I'm sure there are other providers available. Feel free to write me or append a comment if you want to add to this list.

Below you see the current state of my LINQ providers list, as of Feb 28, 2008. I will maintain this list on my Links to LINQ page, so check there for updates.

LINQ Providers

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  2. U da man Charlie!

    Charlie, Jesse L., Sara F. and Scott G. …

    What a boost for Microsoft and us!

  3. I wrote a Linq To SimpleDB provider. It works pretty well.

  4. mohojojo says:

    Szeretném felhívni a figyelmet egy folyamatosan bővülő listára, amelynek az elkövetője Charlie Calvert

  5. ccalvert says:


    I think of LINQ for PHP as providing LINQ support for a language. That is very much like a LINQ provider for PHP, but I still put it in a different bit bucket in my mind. If you disagree, let me know. I do keep track of the languages that support LINQ in Links to LINQ post. It would probably be good for me to update that section and post about it as I have done here for the providers.

    – Charlie

  6. Hosam Kamel says:

    A wonderful collection of LINQ providers by Charlie Calvert LINQ Providers     * LINQ

  7. Great list! Loads of good stuff to muck around with!

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  9. Hot Topics says:

    Link to Everything: A List of LINQ Providers In the blog post he says "Below you see the current

  10. Riaan's Blog says:

    Found this list of LINQ providers to almost everything.

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  12. ASPInsiders says:

    I’m slowly recovering from keynoting at MIX last week, and have been digging my way out of backlogged

  13. Curelom says:

    You are missing a link to DbLinq, which is a linq provider for MySql, Oracle, and PostgreSQL

  14. LINQ är en av de mer centrala delarna i .NET Framework 3.5 och i ramverket finns stöd för LINQ to Objects,

  15. Frans Bouma says:

    It’s in beta, but our linq provider isn’t in the list yet:

    Linq to LLBLGen Pro

  16. ccalvert says:

    Thank you Frans and Karthik. I’ve added your links. Curelom, I actually had that link under a different name, but have no added the name you give here.

  17. I mentioned in a post a little while ago about the various LINQ To projects I had seen, but Charlie Calvert

  18. No, not that kind of attack… But I have to admit "attack" has its own special meaning on the Internet.

  19. LINQ proběhl od svého uvedení mezi vývojáři jako stádo bizonů. V postu na blogu Charlie Calverta Link

  20. ASP.NETMVCExamplewithNorthwindandEntityFrameworkPublished

  21. slash says:

    Resolving Impedance Mismatch

  22. Continuous LINQ is similar to LINQ to Streams, except it was specifically designed to work with WPF data binding and does not require background polling – all notifications are "pushed". Upcoming support for Continuous Aggregations as well.

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  27. Craig Roffers says:

    Nstrument make a SNMP library that will allow you to perform LINQ to SNMP queries.

  28. Link to Everything: A List of LINQ Providers

  29. Announcing a new Optimizing Linq Provider The Linq to Financial Markets provider An easier way to consume

  30. The Linq to Financial Markets provider An easier way to consume, visualize, understand and quantify just about any information you can imagine from the world of global financial services. * Real-Time stock quotes to Complex Analytics of Multi-Asset Class

  31. LJG says:

    Hi, you can create a net List at Microsoft Listas, which is very easy to update!

  32. Paul says:

    Linq to Excel is another great linq provider for excel that also provides property to column mappings

  33. onsaleprice says:

    Thanks for the wonderful article…. I’ll definitely follow most of the tips mentioned.

  34. grahamsw says:

    Joshua Tauberer wrote a LINQ to SPARQL library that could help make the semantic web more accessible to .NET programmers. Currently almost all the work being done there is in java on Unix. Which is great for java programmers, but there is a huge pool of .NET programmers for whom the barriers to entry make the senmantic web essentially off limits.

    A robust, maintained, LINQ 2 SPARQL library could be a game changer, and give MS a seat at the high table. The semantic web has been in a real chicken and egg situation for some time – ||: no tools => no content :|| making tools that fit .NET developers could break that cycle.

  35. Mark Cooke says:

    LINQ to JavaScript is not a LINQ provider that you can write .NET queries against.  It is a JavaScript implementation of LINQ extension methods.

  36. Here is a linq to any text file I made (flat file or CSV):

  37. Nice one. Hope it is keep getting updated

  38. Amey Barve says:


    Does anybody know do we have Linq provider for OQL?

  39. LINQ to MDX (cubes and SSAS Tabular) – SSAS Entity Framework Provider:

  40. nlips says:

    AdaptiveLINQ is a LINQ provider implementing the QueryByCube extension method

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