Community Convergence XL

Welcome to the fortieth issue of Community Convergence. This week we have two new releases of note:

  • We have created a new regular post called Future Focus that is designed to keep the community aware of the C# Team's long term plans for the language. The first Future Focus post covers a C# Language feature tentatively called Dynamic Lookup that is currently scheduled to be part of the next version of Visual Studio.
  • Code Gallery, a new site for sharing sample code, is now live. Upload your own samples, find samples from other community members, or find samples written by developers at Microsoft.

From the C# Team

Eric Lippert

Kirill Osenkov


From the C# Community

Scott Guthrie

Chad Hower

Kerby Kuykendall

Joe Duffy

Charles Petzold

Downloads and other Resources


Steve Teixeira

Brad Abrams

Astoria Team

Bryant Likes

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  2. Guru Stop says:

    It started an email Mohamed Hossam (AKA, Bashmohandes) sent to my company’s local office here in Egypt

  3. amomo says:

    hii.whole stuff is informative.

    will u help me in developing a neural network to get binary output in .net c#?/

    reply me plzzz

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