Community Convergence XXXIX

Welcome to the XXXIX issue of Community Convergence. The big news this week is that Microsoft has begun releasing source code for the .NET Framework libraries. Shawn Burke explains how to configure Visual Studio so that you can step into the source. The first step is download the hot-fix with the romantic title KB944899. Scott Guthrie informs us that source is available for the following code libraries:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Windows Forms
  • The .NET Base Class Libraries (System, System.Collections, System.Drawing, System.IO, System.NET, and more.)
  • ADO.NET and XML

In other news, veterans of the C# world might be interested to hear that Dan Fernandez is moving to the Channel 9 team

From the C# Team

Eric Lippert

Matt Warren

Luca Bolognese

Ed Mauer

Kirill Osenkov

Charlie Calvert

From the C# Community

Dino Esposito

Wes Dyer

Sara Ford

Rico Mariani

Tony Patton


Scott Guthrie

Justin James

Upcoming Events and Pod/Webcasts

Of Interest

Ted Neward

James Carr

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  1. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  2. Justin James says:

    Thanks for the link! However, I cannot take credit for the article "Easily Manipulate Data with LINQ". That goes to Tony Patton. It’s pretty confusing sometimes, since they put my name & picture on the top, as the "host" of TechRepublic’s Programming & Development section.



  3. ccalvert says:


    Thank you for the heads up. I guess I was getting a little tired by that point in the evening. The authorship is laid out fairly clearly on your Tech Republic site, but I might have been on automatic pilot by that time, and hence was not paying close attention.

    – Charlie

  4. Justin James says:

    Oh, looks like you changed the author on the wrong article. 🙁 The article you changed was an MSDN article ( from "Justin Smith" to "Tony Patton". The one that needs to change is the TechRepublic article, the one currently labeled as "Justin James" (change to "Tony Patton"). Thanks!

    Or, to Perl-ify…

    $text =~ s/Tony Patton/Justin Smith/;

    $text =~ s/Justin James/Tony Patton/;

    BTW… C# desperately needs the =~ operator, this whole "regex object" stuff kills me. And an eval() function. But I did manage to dodge the bulk of the classic VB and COM years working in Perl. 🙂

    Thanks again!


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