Community Convergence XXXVIII

Welcome to the thirty-eighth Community Convergence. These posts are designed to keep you in touch with the activities of the C# team. We have a new blogger. Ed Maurer is the Compiler Dev Lead for the C# team. He's going to be blogging about the compiler, and starts us off with a look at one of its new security features. We also have a sighting of Alex Turner, the new compiler PM. He is featured in a microspotting interview in which he describes how he got Anders to pay him $200. I should also mention that Luca Bolognese, our PM lead, has added several posts to his blog over the holidays. Finally, our own Anson Horton was instrumental in creating the Visual Studio add-on for World of Warcraft!

From the C# Team

Ed Maurer

Alex Turner

Luca Bolognese

Eric Lippert

Kirill Osenkov

Kevin Pilch-Bisson

Sam Ng

From the F# Team

Jomo Fisher

Luke Hoban

From the C# Community

Scott Guthrie


Wes Dyer

Sahil Malik

Wriju Ghosh


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