Types and Namespaces in .NET Framework 3.5

Microsoft has released a PDF version of a new poster, showing the .NET Framework 3.5 commonly used types.


The amount of LINQ specific data here is rather limited, and a bit spread out across the poster, rather than centralized in one place:

  • System.Data.Linq
    • DataContext
    • EntityRef<T>
    • EntitySet<T>
    • Table<T>
  • System.Data.Linq.Mapping
    • AttributeMappingSource
    • Metamodel
    • XmlMappingSource
  • System.Linq
    • IQueryable<T>
    • Queryable
  • System.Linq.Expressions
    • Expression<T>
    • Expression
  • System.Xml.Linq
    • XAttribute
    • XDocument
    • XElement
    • XName
    • XNamespace
    • XNode
    • XText
  • Web Controls
    • LinqDataSource

Nevertheless, there is a good deal of general information squeezed into this poster, and it is probably worth spending a few minutes looking it over. Particular useful are the little icons showing which classes made it into the the Compact Framework, and which are planned for inclusion in Silverlight.

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  1. Amigos, essa dica é para quem ainda não tem o poster contendo os principais namespaces do Framework .NET…

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