Syntax Highlighted Code in Your Blog

I sometimes get questions about how to paste syntax highlighted code from Visual Studio into your blog so that it looks purdy, even when using code from a beta product:

var pred = Expression.Lambda<Func<Customer, bool>>(
                  Expression.Equal(Expression.Property(c1, City),
                  Expression.Constant("Seattle")), c1);

You should first install Live Writer:

Then go to the Live Gallery:

Look at all the Live Writer Add ins:

Select the Paste from Visual Studio add in:

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  1. ccalvert says:


    Yes, the Manoli tools are great. I’ve used them a lot. Recently I’ve used Paste from VS because that will capture the cases where the team has added some new feature, usually in a beta, that is not available yet in the manoli tools. There is a manoli add in for LiveWriter.

    – Charlie

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