Community Convergence XXXV

Welcome to the thirty-fifth edition of Community Convergence. This week we have an interview with C# language maven Mads Torgersen. He talks with Joe Armstrong, the inventor of the Erlang programming language. Through their conversation we get to relive the glorious old battle between those who like Object Oriented programming and those who don't.

From the C# Team

We also have an interesting and humorous post from Matt Warren. He talks about how difficult it is to create software and the key role played in that process by highly talented developers. I'd love to be able to disagree with him, but I keep seeing the same thing happening over and over: behind great software there is usually one, or at most a handful of key developers who play central roles in designing and creating the project. Nevertheless, an entire team needs to be in place to make a project succeed, and the key individuals need to be team players who work well with others. The interplay between raw talent and the interconnected community that fosters that talent is an interesting dance; projects fall apart if the players on all sides don't work together to stay in step.

Matt Warren

Mads Torgersen

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The C# Community

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The F# Team and Community

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