Parallel Computer Platform Dev Center and CTP Announced

The Parallel Computing Platform team has launched the Parallel Computing dev center along with their first Community Technology Preview. A CTP gives you a chance to try a new technology before it is released. The new parallel computing Dev Center will focus on concurrency issues and how to write software that is optimized to run…


Traveling to Speak on LINQ in San Jose

This event has been canceled! I will not be in San Jose on the morning of Monday, December 10 for a free Visual Studio 2008 Celebration put on by Microsoft and Falafel Software. Other speakers at the event will include Lino Tadros of Falafel, and Todd Anglin of Telerik. The event will be held at…


Some Articles on Visual Studio 2008

Microsoft Pays Visual Studio ‘Debt’ Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2008 Microsoft ships Visual Studio 2008 Visual Studio 2008, .NET Framework 3.5 released Microsoft ships Visual Studio 2008


Connect to a SQL Database and Use the LINQ to SQL Designer

To begin working with LINQ to SQL in Visual Studio 2008 you will need a database that you can query and a copy of MS SQL Server or SQL Express. In this post, I’m going to focus on SQL Express since it is free and since it gets installed by default when you install all…


Visual Studio 2008 Available for Download

Visual Studio 2008 is now available for download! MSDN subscribers can download it here. C# Express Edition is available here. Trial Versions are available here. C# 3.0 Spec, VS 2008 ReadMe, Samples, Hands on Labs, Breaking Changes The C# 3.0 specification has been available for some time, and we have updated some of the existing…


Types and Namespaces in .NET Framework 3.5

Microsoft has released a PDF version of a new poster, showing the .NET Framework 3.5 commonly used types. The amount of LINQ specific data here is rather limited, and a bit spread out across the poster, rather than centralized in one place: System.Data.Linq DataContext EntityRef<T> EntitySet<T> Table<T> System.Data.Linq.Mapping AttributeMappingSource Metamodel XmlMappingSource System.Linq IQueryable<T> Queryable System.Linq.Expressions…


Syntax Highlighted Code in Your Blog

I sometimes get questions about how to paste syntax highlighted code from Visual Studio into your blog so that it looks purdy, even when using code from a beta product: var pred = Expression.Lambda<Func<Customer, bool>>(                  Expression.Equal(Expression.Property(c1, City),                   Expression.Constant(“Seattle”)), c1); You should first install Live Writer: Then go to the Live Gallery: Look…


Visual C# Team Picture: Fall, 2007

Double click the picture to see the full-sized version. Top Row: Zhe Fu, Luca Bolognese, Theo Yaung, Rusty Miller, Eric Lippert, Wes Dyer, Prakash Balasubramanian, Genevieve Orchard, Esen Tuna, Keith Farmer, Tom Meschter, Don Espen, Steve Kruy, Yuval Mazor, Daigo Hamura, Vijay Upadya Third Row: Matt Cavallari, Scott Nonnenberg, Cyrus Najmabadi, Jeremy Meng, Luke Hoban, Eric…


Partial Methods

Partial methods are a C# 3.0 technique used by code generators such as the one found in the LINQ to SQL Designer. They help to solve the age-old problem of allowing users to modify auto-generated code without fearing that their changes will be overwritten if the code is regenerated. NOTE: The LINQ to SQL Designer…


Community Convergence XXXV

Welcome to the thirty-fifth edition of Community Convergence. This week we have an interview with C# language maven Mads Torgersen. He talks with Joe Armstrong, the inventor of the Erlang programming language. Through their conversation we get to relive the glorious old battle between those who like Object Oriented programming and those who don’t. From…