Community Convergence XXXIV

Welcome to the Thirty-Fourth issue of Community Convergence. This is a time when the team is in transition. We are wrapping up the work on Visual Studio 2008 (Orcas) and getting ready to move on to the next phase. This means some of our old favorites are going to move on to new teams. Luke Hoban and Jomo Fisher have joined the F# team, but for now that means they will continue to sit with us in C# land. Dinesh is also moving on, but I'm not quite ready to deal with that yet, so I will continue to list his posts as if here were still sitting here with the C# team. In fact, he is still sitting with us, but I think that's just the usual office space crunch here at the big blue software company. In the meantime, he is still writing about LINQ to SQL. Scott Wiltamuth is also moving on, but he has left us with a parting gift of several posts. Scott is fairly high up in the Microsoft hierarchy, so you should read his posts to get a taste of the broader perspective one gets with experience.

Even as we say goodbye to some old friends, new bloggers hurry to take their place. You probably noticed the new C# QA Blog from our phenomenal test team. They have been doing a great job. Don't miss the new posts from test mavens Jeremy, Suma and Rahul. Another new blogger, Kirill Osenkov, is also on the C# test team. He just joined Microsoft, and will hopefully contribute to the QA Blog. In the meantime, he has an outside blog which I link to liberally here so that you can get to know this prolific blogger. Welcome aboard Kirill, we look forward to hearing a lot from you over the coming months.

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Sreekar Choudhary

Scott Wiltamuth


From the F# Team

Jomo Fisher

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  1. RonO says:

    Could you speak to Kirill about reposting his current and future blog entries to  Our corporate firewall blocks access to blogspot and his post topics seem interesting.

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