Community Convergence XXXIII

Welcome to the thirty-third edition of Community Convergence. This week we have a new video called Programming in the Age of Concurrency featuring Anders Hejlsberg and parallel computing wunderkind Joe Duffy. In another context, Joe reminds us that there is a Parallel computing CTP planned for later in 2007. He recommends watching his blog if you want updates on this anticipated release. On a somewhat lighter note, there is also an amazing post from Luke Hoban, who has written a LINQ query that implements the Ray Tracing algorithm. See also the links to the ALT.NET controversy included in the "From the C# Community" section of this post.

Be sure to take the survey posted by the good folks from our documentation team. This is a great way for you to let us know what you think about the Microsoft documentation and related content that accompanies Visual Studio. You can find the survey here:

From the C# Team

In this section I usually include only work created by members of the C# team. In this case, however, I have mixed in a few articles on concurrency not created by the C# team. I include them here because Anders, who is on our team, created a video on the Parallel Extensions for .NET (PFX), and I want to keep all the PFX content in one place.

From the C# Community

These articles are written by other Microsoft employees, or by members of the C# community. Here I wade into deeper water by giving you some links to the interesting, and controversial, discussions surrounding the ALT.NET community.


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  1. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  2. Thanks for referring to my PLINQ post, I really appreciate it

  3. ccalvert says:


    It’s my pleasure to link to your post. It’s a great article, and I appreciate your interest in this cutting edge technology. This is definitely a subject that should be getting lots of attention these days.

    – Charlie

  4. Tom Kirby-Green says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Any word on when we might expect Visual Studio 2008 RC1? Further more given that RCs are meant to be ‘feauture complete’ will we be getting the totally awesome BCL source browsing feature in RC1?

    Kind regards and kudos all round to you and the team.


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