Community Convergence XXXII

Welcome to the thirty second issue of Community Convergence. I write these posts to keep you up to date on the latest information from the C# team. The biggest news right now is probably not C# specific, but nevertheless lots of my fellow team members have been excited to see that a Windows 2008 Release Candidate is available for download. Note that further down in the this text I call out a post from Scott Hanselman on this subject.

Top C# Team Bloggers

I thought I would take a moment to call your attention to our team's top bloggers. Eric and Matt are two of our most popular bloggers; they earn this distinction by consistently creating great material. The up and comers are Mads and Sreekar, who have both started their blogs within the last year or so, and who have quickly established themselves as two of the best C# technical writers. Jomo and Dinesh are established bloggers who have had shored up their formidable reputations with a steady stream of contributions in the last few months. Luke Hoban is perhaps our biggest success story, as he has been blogging since August, 2005, but it is only in the last few months that we have seen his numbers shoot up on the basis of a series of very good, very technical posts. Overall, we have seen growth from all but one of our hearty band of posters during the last year.

  1. Eric Lippert
  2. Charlie Calvert
  3. Matt Warren
  4. Cyrus Najmabadi
  5. Jomo Fisher
  6. Dinesh Kulkarni
  7. Luca Bolognese
  8. Mads Torgersen
  9. Luke Hoban
  10. Sreekar Choudhary

Here is a chart showing five C# bloggers who have posted most often since August 2006. This is the one category where I take top honors, with 115 posts.



From the C# Team

Charlie Calvert

Jomo Fisher

Other Microsoft Bloggers

Scott Hanselman

Scott Guthrie 

Notable Downloads


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  1. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  2. Hi Charlie,

    Any word on when we might expect RC1 of Visual Studio Orcas?

    Kind regards – tom

  3. Always look forward to the CC posts!

  4. Sadek Drobi says:

    You forgot the cool Yet Another language geek

    Wes did blog about a lot of interesting stuff, he seems to be busy now, but I loved his posts much.

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