Unified C# 3.0 Specification Now Available

Mads Torgersen and many other members of the C# team labored tirelessly to assemble the unified C# 3.0 Specification. This document combines the 1.1 version of the spec, the 2.0 version, and various other bits and pieces into one large document some 500 pages in length. Here you will find the definitive technical description of the C# language in the words of the engineers who created it.  It is the single most authoritative reference for the C# language. Though not called out by name in this document, many of the people who created the C# language contributed to it, and they are its primary authors.

You can download it directly, or visit the C# language page where you can find a link to it and various related documents.

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  2. Anton Heryanto says:

    is it available in chm format :D, really love if it available in chm format

  3. Jon Skeet says:

    For those who are interested… as far as I can tell this document is exactly the same as the review version made available a few weeks ago. The MD5 hash is the same.

    Just in case you were wondering 🙂


  4. Charlie Calvert’s blog has this entry: Unified C# 3.0 Specification Now Available Mads Torgersen and

  5. Charlie Calvert's blog has this entry: Unified C# 3.0 Specification Now Available Mads Torgersen

  6. The Unified 3.0 C# Language Specification which combines the 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 evolutions of the language

  7. Peter Ritchie says:

    Looking at ECMA 334, it correctly defines lock(x)… as precisely

    Object obj = x;


    try {


    finally {



    The new unified C# standard still incorrectly defines lock(x)… as precisely


    try {


    finally {



  8. Dependency Injection from the Trenches How to build a Fluent Interface in C# Learn the new NUnit 2.4

  9. Keith Rull says:

    New to C#? Need to know whats on C# 3.0? Then download this 500 page book coutersy of Microsoft. It's

  10. Michael Sync says:

    Thanks.. I’m gonna read this doc now.. I have read the overview of C# 3.0 and LINQ.. I found it very interesting…

  11. Balaji.R says:

    The material is very good. Thanks a lot ..

  12. Jignesh says:

    This is 1.0 version document. It doesn’t even contain features of 2.0 (Chepter 19 – Chepter 25)

  13. Jignesh says:

    I take prev msg back….I was incorrect…sorry…

    because of same file name, it was confusing…

    This is correct doc…..

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