Community Convergence XXVIII

Welcome to the XXVIII Community Convergence. In these posts I try to wrap up events that have occurred recently in the C# community so that you can be sure to keep up with the latest news.

The What's New in C#  section contains the most amazing collection of blog posts I have ever been able to put together for one Community Convergence. Look below at the stellar entries from Eric Lippert, Matt Warren, Jomo Fisher, Luke Hoban, and others. Don't miss Luca's highly rated LINQ presentation at Tech Ed and Luke's Channel 9 video.

Dinesh Kulkarni, Anders Hejlsberg, Luca Bolognese, Kit George and others worked on a LINQ to SQL paper that gets mentioned from time to time. However, it can never be mentioned too often, as it is one of the key documents on LINQ. You can find it here: LINQ to SQL: .NET Language Integrated Query for Relational Data. Another canonical paper that is worth mentioning was just recently finalized. It's been a long road, but the ISO version of the C# 2.0 (Whidbey) language spec has been published, and is available for download.

What's New in C# 

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  2. selva says:


     can i use NetResource() method in c# or is there any alternate method for this in c#? please reply….Also give me the msdn link for networkconnections.dll if possible.

    Thanks in advance…



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