Community Convergence XXVI

The biggest news in the C# community is the official announcement of Silverlight at the MIX conference. Developers are most likely to want the Alpha release of this product, and also the beta of the Silverlight SDK. And of course, you want a link to the fancy Silverlight poster.

There were two important and related releases for C# users in the last couple of weeks. One was Visual Study Orcas Beta 1. The other was the pre-release of the .NET Framework 3.5. Both releases focus on LINQ, ASP.NET Ajax, increased support for WCF, and new classes for the base class library (BCL).

Don't miss the LINQ to Sharepoint references in the Downloads section!

C# Compiler Chat on Monday May 7

Members of the C# compiler team will be online to chat with the community about LINQ, Orcas Beta 1, the .NET 3.5 framework, and related matters. Time zones details are here, a link for your calendar is here and when the chat begins, you can enter the chat room here.

There will be a C# LINQ to SQL Chat on May 21 between 11 and noon Pacific time. LINQ to SQL provides fully type-checked native C# support for querying databases.  Time zones details for the chat are here, a link for your calendar is here, and you can enter the chat room here.

What's Hot in the C# Community?


Other Stuff

  • Steve Teixeira, my long time good friend and the GPM  on the C++ team wrote a great post on progress bars.
  • Here's a great article on why Microsoft does not ship Open Source software outside of CodePlex. It's a great commentary on our current economic system.


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  2. Hey Charlie!

     The Anders video link is broken is there any other way to view that video?



  3. paulsta says:

    Just saw the Silverlight video. Microsoft videos make me laugh because of how ‘politically correct’ they are. Its like:

    Now its the white model.

    Now its the black model.

    Now its the Chinese model.

    Now its the Native American model.

    Now its the ‘hispanic’ model.

    Now its the Jewish model.

    All happy and jumping about. Has Microsoft turned into the new Sesame street?

    Do they think people are going to be offended if they don’t see someone of their racial characteristics? Instead why don’t they concentrate on actually putting actors with real personalities in there promotional videos like, for example, Apple does. By the way, I notice there weren’t any pigmy or ginger models in the Silverlight promo – are Microsoft racists or what!

  4. Effexor. Effexor xr and diabetis.

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