March CTP Samples Overview Video

Here is a short 7 minute video to serve as an introduction to the Samples that are included with the Visual Studio Orcas March CTP. The samples that shipped with the CTP needed to be updated. As a result, its best if you don't pull them from the CTP help file, instead, download them from my blog.

This video gives you a brief introduction to the samples, and explains about the  support directories, called Data, and ObjectDumper. These directories contain files that some of the other projects rely upon. The video also shows you key samples such as SampleQueriesDynamicQuery, ExpressionTreeVisualizer and WinFormsDataBinding.

I recorded the video on my Vista laptop, and ran the samples in the Virtual PC version of the March CTP. Especially if you are running Vista, you also might enjoy using the VPC version of the CTP.

Comments (13)

  1. jomit says:

    Thanks Charlie,

    The SampleQueries projects its really a great resource for LINQ query examples !!!.


  2. Charlie Calvert has posted some samples intended for use with the March CTP of Orcas. These samples replace

  3. Evidently the updated samples didn’t make it into the March CTP drop. Fortunately, Charlie Calvert has…

  4. says:

    i found a strange behavior with sample6 code:

           // Sequence operators form first-class queries are not executed until you enumerate them.

           int i = 0;

           var q = numbers.Select(n => ++i);

           // Note, the local variable ‘i’ is not incremented until each element is evaluated (as a side-effect).

           foreach(var v in q) {

             Console.WriteLine("v = {0}, i = {1}", v, i);          



    if i do a quickwatch of the q var during the execution of the code each element is evaluted and every time i values is incremented by ten.

    i’m doing something wrong? looks like this way the debug function change the state of the variable, and this may be source of bugs hard to trace

  5. Jon says:

    Thanks for the video, Charlie–and stop working so late!

  6. ccalvert says:


    I’m not sure I’m getting those same results. I think I see just 1, 2, 3, etc returned in value i. You’re running against the March CTP?

    – Charlie

  7. naive1010 says:

    February/March Orcas CTP Now Available

  8. Tareq Gamal says:

    I’d like to thank you about Comming to Egypt and your Great sessions.

    I liked the Linq technology , i didnt understand it very much

    I hope i can find ways to Understand its database Connectivity,

    i’m using C#

    and Orcas

  9. On Saturday on March 31, 2007 I did a couple of talks at the Toronto Code Camp. The first an overview

  10. The Visual Studio 2008 CSharp samples include several valuable tools that LINQ developers can use to

  11. The Visual Studio 2008 CSharp samples include several valuable tools that LINQ developers can use to

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