LINQ Samples Update

Here are a set of updated samples for the Visual Studio Orcas March CTP. These samples replace all the LINQ and LINQ to XML samples that shipped with the March CTP.

This is a first cut on updating the samples. More updates may follow. Please report any problems you have with these samples by posting comments to this blog entry.


  • March 5, 2007: Removed LINQ to Entities code, changed connection string (Version 02).
  • March 11, 2007: Updated and Restored LINQ to Entities code in SampleQueries (Version 03).
  • March 23, 2007: Structure of main project updated. (Version 04)


Download updated samples.

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Comments (15)

  1. Here is a short 7 minute video to serve as an introduction to the Samples that are included with the

  2. Charlie Calvert has posted some samples intended for use with the March CTP of Orcas. These samples replace

  3. Chyld says:

    Thanks for the samples.  It makes learning the new features in C# 3.0 much easier.  Keep up the great work!

  4. Tom Kirby-Green says:

    Hi Charlie, the updated samples link appears not be be functioning 🙁

  5. Evidently the updated samples didn’t make it into the March CTP drop. Fortunately, Charlie Calvert has…

  6. Bob W. says:

    Hey Charlie, thank you very much for the examples.  Any chance of adding disconnected versions of some of the samples?  I am guessing there are an awful lot of us trying to use this on the back end via Web services. I am having problems deleting and updating using LINQ to SQL in one-to-many scenarios when disconnected, so any additional samples would be great!

  7. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  8. Just a quick note to let you know that the LINQ Samples code has been updated. The only change is to

  9. LINQ (Language Integrated Query) 是 Microsoft .NET Framework 未來本版的延伸功能,目的在 C# 與 Visual Basic 程式語言原生語法

  10. On Saturday on March 31, 2007 I did a couple of talks at the Toronto Code Camp. The first an overview

  11. So my yesterday was spent having a good time at the Calgary Code Camp. For those of you who want my slide

  12. I’ve been reading about, studying, and using LINQ to SQL for a couple months now and after all this time

  13. Moms work from home. Moms work at home.

  14. Arne Garvander says:

    This code gave 2472 compilation errors.

    Good job boys!

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