LINQ Farm: LINQ To Sql Beginners Video

This short video contains the basic information that you need to use LINQ to SQL to connect to a relational database using the Feb CTP or later pre-release versions of Visual Studio Orcas. After watching this video you should find it easy to create your own LINQ to SQL queries.

Figure 01: A view of the The LINQ Object Releational Designer from the video.

The information in this video closely parallels the text of a recent LINQ Farm post entitled Connecting to a Database with LINQ to SQL. Within the limits of my innately verbose speaking style I've done what I can to keep this video short. It clocks in about 7 minutes and 30 seconds, so it should be something you can view during a coffee break. This is very simple, beginning level material, so kick back and enjoy.


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  1. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  2. Angel says:

    Hello Charlie,

    this is a great introductory video on LINQ. Thanks for your good work.

  3. Thanks Video,

    Where did you get this CTP, I cannot find it anywhere…But the way since you are already doing this kind of video, do you mind to do something a bit closer to real life like i short CRUD example for a single entity and entity/child entity ?

    Thanks men,

  4. ccalvert says:


    This video was done with a "no name" build from the servers here at Microsoft. A new CTP similar to the build I use here will come out very, very soon. I will continue to post more LINQ videos and articles, with varying degrees of complexity, over the coming months.

  5. Doug says:

    Good video. I have the VSDec2006CTP for VPC. I do not see the LINQ to SQL File under ‘Add new Item’.

    Your videos with Mr. Hejlsberg and Mr. Dyer are tremendous.

    I’d like to experiment with IQueryable over a custom real time data feed for a Financial Application. Any pointers would be appreciated. I have started with the LINQ to Amazon example. Hoping there were more around.



  6. ccalvert says:


    The Dec/Jan CTP’s have neither the LINQ to SQL designer, nor good support for LINQ to SQL. These features will be part of the next CTP, which should be out very soon.

    – Charlie

  7. Victor Lee says:

    Can you add a link to a page of all of the videos you have ever made on the front page of your blog?    (so we don’t have to scroll through the archives to find them?)

  8. Welcome to the twenty-second Community Convergence, the March CTP issue. I’m Charlie Calvert, the C#

  9. Ricardo Pereira says:

    How can I do the Linq to SQL creates the structure of my data base and tables and …?

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