Talks at MDC2007

Attached to this article you can the outline for my talks on the Visual Studio 2005 IDE and on LINQ. These are rough drafts and will be updated after the conference.

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  1. Adel says:

    Thanks for posting this, lookin’ forword to your LINQ session in few hours.

    I couldn’t belive my self when i knew for the first time that you will be a guest speaker at MDC in Cairo, Egypt.

    hope you have a wonderfull stay in Cairo.



  2. Nada says:

    First of all I want to thank you for your session today about LINQ, really it was so marvelous. Also you are an excellent “teacher”; I understood your session very well.

    Second, can you tell us what references can we return to, to get more information about this language?

    Third, does Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 support this language(LINQ)or not? And if not, are there any more features we can download to support it or we have to use VS Orcas?

    Fourth, I downloaded your draft about Egypt talks but sorry to tell you that I couldn’t open it with my power point 2003(I think that it is an encrypted power point presentation), so please can you tell me what program should I open it with?

    Finally, we are really happy to see you here in Egypt, hope that you have enjoyed your time here, and we are looking forward to see you here in Egypt again in other conferences.

    “I am so sorry for this long comment, but I couldn’t summarize it much more than that !!”

  3. Ahmed Salem says:

    I was one of the MDC sessions audience (LINQ and C# productivity)

    and all what I want to do here is just to express my good impression  about your great sessions

    and I wishs I can attend a session for you next MDC in Cairo 🙂

  4. Ramy Mahrous says:


    till now VS 2005 does not support intelisence after intalling LINQ components but Oracs will be and CTP has been for public follow this

    As self-extracting install

    As ISO

    To open the presentation you should have Office2007 or compatibility pachakge to download it follow this

  5. Bishoy Bishoy Ghaly says:

    Dear Charlie,

       I’m one of the guys who attended the sessions and wanted to thank you first of all for comming to egypt for the MDC and I wish that you come more often, you really inspire us

  6. It was really nice to meet you personally in the MDC, I am a very big fan of Community Convergence, and one of my blog posts was honored to be included in Community Convergence once, so at least I got the opportunity to thank you in person.

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