Community Convergence XVIII

Welcome to the eighteenth issue of Community Convergence. I'm Charlie Calvert, the C# Community PM, and this is where I publish information about the C# community and the C# development team.

The big news this week is the release of the January Orcas CTP. It went out on Wednesday, January 10, at about 8:30 PM Pacific time, during the middle of yet another Seattle snow storm. It is available both as a regular install, and on a virtual machine. This build of Orcas has good support for LINQ to Objects and only shaky support for LINQ to SQL. There has, however, been good support for LINQ To SQL in the internal builds I've seen in the last few days. These internal builds all target the February CTP.

A Second Column

This week we are beginning the publication of a column contributed by a community member that will appear on the Developer Center front page.  In this case we have Mark Michaelis, the author of Essential C#, contributing a post on Exception Handling in C# 2.0.

In one of those strange coincidences that can give one pause, I happened to finish reading Mark's book on C# just a few hours ago. It is a great book that contains many interesting details about the C# language. Mark is an excellent writer who obviously enjoys teaching. He also has a deep understanding of C#, and the ability to explain its details in clear, easy to understand language.

It is my hope that I will be able to regularly feature C# community members here on the C# Developer Center front page. Many of the best developers in the world sit on the C# development team or work in the C# community. We are particularly blessed to start off with Mark, but I would like to think that many other great community leaders can be featured here over the coming months.

What's Hot in the C# World

There is an embarrassment of riches this week. To accompany Mark's new article you can find four posts by C# team member and writing wunderkind Eric Lippert.

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